Advanced Features

 5Axis CnC manufacturing
HyGEARS creates machine-ready multiaxis CnC machine part programs for any supported gear type.
Any 3, 4, 5 CnC machine architecture can be supported. The part programs can be verifed on-screen
through animation and single stepping, and are then sent directly to the machine controller without the
need for user intervention. Expected surface quality, cycle time and Closed Loop are integral to
HyGEARS'  5Axis CnC interface.
 STEP Export interface 
HyGEARS provides a direct export facility to most CAD and CAM systems through a
built-in STEP interface.
 No-Tilt Spiral-Bevel gears
HyGEARS can create generated spiral-bevel gears sets where cutter tilt is not needed to
achieve good Bearing Pattern and Transmission Error. Such tilt-less gears sets can then be
produced on almost any available 4 Axis CnC machine.
 Finite Strips
The Finite Strips are a subset of the FEA that allow ultrafast computation and display of the
bending stresses and deformations. They provide the LTCA with very precise tooth
stiffness for exact tooth load sharing calculations.
 FEA Mesh Model 
HyGEARS does not have an internal FEA solver, but the HyGEARS geometry may be used to
easily and rapidly mesh a FEA model in a standard Patran Neutral File format that may be
exported to about any FEA solver.
 Contact Element
An integrated contact element allows the calculation and display of the contact stresses of
any tooth geometry. Surface irregularities obtained from a CMM may be accounted for
in the analysis.
HyGEARS provides several advanced features to expand the design, manufacturing and analysis capabilities of the gear engineer.
Cylindrical / Bevel / Hypoid Gear Design, Analysis and Production Control Software
                                                          with 3, 4, 5Axis CnC Gear Manufacturing

HyGEARS™ V 4.0